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Understanding Brexit 

Kurt Hübner

doi: 10.18278/epa.2.2.1


Facts or Feelings, Facts and Feelings? The Post-Democracy Narrative in the Brexit Debate 

Karin Forss

Linnea Magro

doi: 10.18278/epa.2.2.2





A Review of Applications of the Advocacy Coalition Framework in Swedish Policy Processes 

Daniel Nohrstedt

Kristin Olofsson

doi: 10.18278/epa.2.2.3


Bricolage or Entrepreneurship? Lessons from the Creation of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control  

Thibaud Deruelle 

doi: 10.18278/epa.2.2.4


Leaders’ ‘Green’ Posts. The Environmental Issues Shared by Politicians on Facebook 

Diego Ceccobelli

Benedetta Cotta 

doi: 10.18278/epa.2.2.5


State and Regional Administrative Coordination in Spain: A Case Study of the Spanish Sectoral Conferences on Environmental, Health and Educational Policies (2001–2012) 

Jaione Mondragón Ruiz de Lezana

Alberto de la Peña Varona

Arantxa Elizondo Lopetegi

Juan Luis Mokoroa Arizkorreta

Francisco Juaristi Larrinaga  

doi: 10.18278/epa.2.2.6 



Special Focus:

Demographic Change and Health Care in Europe 


Circular Migration of Live-ins in Germany—Reinforcing the Segmentation of the Labor Market? 

Marlene Neumann

Uwe Hunger 

doi: 10.18278/epa.2.2.9


The Migration of Greek Physicians to Germany: Motivations, Factors and the Role of National Health Sectors 

Andreas Gkolfinopoulos

doi: 10.18278/epa.2.2.8



Why You Should Read My Book


Challenges to European Welfare States 

eds. Klaus Schubert, Paloma de Villota, Johanna Kuhlmann

doi: 10.18278/epa.2.2.10


Constitutional Policy in Multilevel Government. The Art of Keeping the Balance 

ed. Arthur Benz

doi: 10.18278/epa.2.2.11


Science Makes the World Go Round. Successful Scientific Knowledge Transfer for the Environment  

eds. Michael Böcher, Max Krott

doi: 10.18278/epa.2.2.12


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