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EPA Vol. 2 No. 1

The Role of Theory in Policy Analysis


EPA Vol. 1 No. 2

European Policy Complexities and Conundrums


EPA Vol. 1 No. 1

Europe’s Welfare Policies: The Frayed Safety Net



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Risk-Based Regulation in Continental Europe? Explaining the Corporatist Turn to Risk in German Work Safety Policies

Regine Paul

Michael Huber

doi: 10.18278/epa.1.2.2



Crisis, Policy Discourse, and Major Policy Change: Exploring the Role of Subsystem Polarization in Nuclear Energy Policymaking

Adrian Rinscheid

doi: 10.18278/epa.1.2.3



Regulation and the Management of Expectations - Rating Agencies Revisited 

Markus Hinterleitner

Christian Rosser

doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.4



Addressing Multilevel Program Complexity by Evaluation Design 

Fritz Sager

Céline Mavrot

Susanne Hadron

doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.5



The Use of Evidence Within Policy Evaluation in Health in Ghana: Implications for Accountability and Democratic Governance 

Elisa Vecchione

Justin Parkhurst

doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.6



Law Activation Strategies (LAS) in Environmental Policymaking: a Social Mechanism for Re-politicization?

Rémi Schweizer

doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.7



The Communication Behavior of German MPs on Twitter: Preaching to the Converted and Attacking Opponents 

Simon Hegelich

Morteza Shahrezaye

doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.8


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